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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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pit (pr. pet) (Kh., Sh. and Siamese the same), eight, 8; ship pit, eighteen, II, 10.
pit (pr pet) (Kh., Sh. and Siamese the same), a duck, 73.
pld (Sh. and Kh.^ Siamese^), a fish (H ).
plai, thus (H).
piling, clear; (un-chau-pldng), gladness mind clear, his mind (would) have been
glad and clear, he (would) fain, 1,18.
po (Kh. and Sh. the same), to strike, beat, 81; Imperat., jpo, 175; j)0-Ai, 286 ;
Participle, jpo-A 177,178; Pres 5_p,179184; Pres. Def., jo-t&, am striking,
191; Imperf., po*fajaut was striking, 192 ; Past, po-jaut struck,185190 ;
Perl, po-M, have struck, 228 ; Plup., po-jaw-o, bad struck, 193 ; Ful, ti-po,
shall strike, 195200; Potential, pin-po, can strike, 194; Past Conditional,
ti-p&jaitt should strike, 201 ; Passive same as Active, 202204 ; po-tai,
to kill (H.).
po (Kh. po, Sh. $03 Siamese lo, pronounced pho), a father, 47; Norn, po 1cm, my
father, 233; Voc.j.pofl*,!, 2,18, 24; Dat.,  jpo, 103; ##o /bw, (will go)
to my father, 1,18 ; Abl., fak po, 104; Gen.,po, 102; po mau run, your father's
house, 22B; Pi, Man po, 106.   Frequently takes the pleonastic suffix man ;
Norn., go-man man, Ms father* I, 28; man po-man, thy father, I, 38; po-
man-Jcot 1,41; Dat.,j3o-wo, 1/2; 42; ^tj)(Hna, I, 22; Gen., km po-mdnrun,
my father's house, 1,15.
jwt (Sh. poi ospai), to exceed, be more; hence, conj., and,moreover, 1,1,3, 4,17,
19, 21, 24, 26, 27, 28 ; 232; again, I, 80, 54; III, 95 18; pfcan, and before,
and, I, 25, 35, 51, 54; poi-lun-ldng, again after back, and moreover, I310.
pu (Kh. and Sh. the same)} on account of; pu-nang-nai} on-account-of, as this, in
order that, I, 45; (it is right) that, I, 52; pu-ndnt on  account of that,
III, 13.
pirn (Sh. the same), prep.beyond; pun-mungt beyond a country, a foreign country,
pun, T?orld; t\ jpw, place of world, world, III, 8,17.
rd> much (H).
fa> in phfara*ta-rat q.v.
rat (Kh Jiai], to lose ; rwrdai, lose possess, lose *, rai-dai-jaU) lost, I, 7; rai~dai9
lost, I, 48; II, 2; rai-dai, was lost, 1,30; rai-dai-jau, was lost, I, 54.
rtik (Sh. haft, Siamese rdk)9 compassion, I, 23.
fan, ram, deserted, confused, chaos, nom. rdn-ko, III, 1; raw, III, 13.
ran (Kh. and 8h. Mn3 Siamese ran), hot (H.).
rang (Kh. and Sh. hang), a tail, skeleton.
rang (Kh. and Sh. hang), to call out, shout; rang, addressed, I, 41'; rdng-hai-M,
shouted out loudly, II, 13.
rang (Sh. han)> to uphold, sustain, III, 16.
rdng-kdn, to consult-; probably from rang, to arrange (Sh. hang), and kdn,
rap (Sh. hap), to encircle, bind; m-rdp-dai-nang, take bind possess continue, take
and keep (me), make (me a servant), I, 20; chi-rdp-chdp-khdp-bai, jewel bind
pure round place, a finger-ring, I, 28.
rau, in the air, unsupported, III, 12, 22.